It’s that time again, where I show off the Jeffree Star holiday collection! The collection for 2017 has dropped and although not all of it is on stock on Beauty Bay* yet, I managed to get my hands on the liquid lipsticks. I’m sure you… View Post

With Christmas just around the corner, the lovely gang at the Kiehl’s store in Cardiff invited me down for an evening of Christmas fun and I of course couldn’t say no. I’ve been to quite a few of Kiehl’s events since the store opened up… View Post

Sleepy Body Lotion – the lotion that everyone’s been going crazy for. So much so that there was a world wide lavender shortage for some time. After going through a bad time with being anemic, I got my hands on the body lotion that is… View Post

I’m not usually one to get a cold sore very often however I’ve been dealing with an absolute monster one for the past month or so. It began to go away with treatment but then it exploded all over my lips and it was a… View Post