I never thought I’d be confident enough to show off my nails and yet Elegant Touch have come to the rescue. I’ve got a review today of a product that I was introduced to through my blogger babe Ffion. And it’s safe to say it’s… View Post

It’s time for some June favourites! And this month, I’ve got quite a wide variety of products to show off… Perspirex Strong Anti-Perspirant If you haven’t already seen my review of this product, then know that this has single handily saved my life. When I… View Post

Let’s be honest here guys, you were all waiting for me to talk about Jeffree Star’s new collection weren’t you? I know you were. If you haven’t already read the previous blog posts and seen the previous videos about my love for Jeffree Star’s makeup… View Post

There’s been a lot of buzz around Perspirex over the years, and after some research and lots of frustration, I’ve decided to give this brand a go. It’s not everyday you see a blogger writing about excessive sweating, but I have to do a post… View Post