Disclaimer & PR

On my blog, I do a lot of product reviews for many different things. 99% of the time, these products will be bought with my own money and will be reviewed truthfully. Even if it’s something I regret buying, I will be completely honest with you all.

I am open to reviews, giveaways and collaborations if they fit in with my style and taste. If I receive a product from any PR companies or businesses, I will be completely honest and truthful in my review of the product and if any of my blog posts are sponsored, I will make that very clear at the beginning of the post. If I am asked to review a product that I personally do not agree with, I will not review it period.

This blog is PR friendly and I am always looking to work with brands, other bloggers or companies in various ways on this blog who openly interest me. I have a PR & Media kit that I am happy to send you, which includes my current analytics, social media count and rates for sponsored content. If you are interested in working with me or want to request a copy of my media kit, you can email me at enquiries@hollystockport.co.uk.

I also utilise the use of affiliate links on my blog, and they are always marked as * in my blog posts. This means that when you buy products through using my link, I earn a small commission with no cost to you. I will only use affiliate links that I support and enjoy using.

During my time blogging and being a YouTuber, I have been incredibly lucky & grateful to work with some amazing brands. You can find a full list of them down below.

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