After going through months of extreme exhaustion, I finally have an answer to the problem – Anemia. It’s been a difficult couple of months to get through but now that I know what’s wrong with me, I’ve been able to get the help I need.… View Post

After getting invited to the Lush event in the Cardiff store last week, I got myself some goodies as I always do. So, here is the obligatory I-went-to-lush-and-got-stuff post! First, I’m going to begin with the things I was very kindly gifted by the store… View Post

DISCLAIMER: This Marc Jacobs mascara was sent to me for review purposes through Influenster. A couple of days ago, I got sent my first ever Marc Jacobs product in the post thanks to Influenster. I have always been put off by Marc Jacobs in the past… View Post

My music tastes aren’t something I talk about a lot on the internet, especially my favourite music albums. I don’t know why since I have a very very wide music taste. I can go from listening to the UK Top 40 to something completely obscure… View Post

When the email from Lush Spa Cardiff inviting me to their Christmas event came into my inbox, I can’t possibly tell you how high I squeaked. Lush’s Christmas range is one of the things I very much look forward to, especially since it holds one… View Post