"A solid and intriguing debut novel..."

I’ve recently had another fabulous review in of my book from the lovely Charry over at Charry’s Corner; and she too has provided me with gorgeous photos of my book! I think the photos alone should be enough to convince you to grab a copy, but see what Charry has to say for herself…

The Ascension of Melanie Winters photograph by Charry's Corner (1)

“The Ascension of Melanie Winters is a solid and intriguing debut novel…Stockport’s novel plays out incrementally and simplistically; it has an easy flow to it, no matter the situation…For those who love subtle science-fiction/fantasy, grounded in our reality, this is a perfect opportunity to delve into the life of the Winter’s family as they seek to discovers just who, and what, they are.” – A quote from Charry’s review

 To read Charry’s review in full, click here!

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