Ascension Is Here!

Months of hard work and my debut novel is FINALLY HERE!

Book Poster

It’s been a really long, frustrating and incredibly road and now you all finally get the opportunity to buy my book. Thankfully the day is here and I couldn’t be more excited to show you the story that’s been brewing. There are links at the end of this post to purchase my paperback book or an ebook (whichever you prefer!) and if you do, know that you are supporting a childhood dream.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everybody who has supported me on my self-publishing journey and I hope that you enjoy diving into Melanie’s twisted world. I poured everything I had into making this novel and I couldn’t be more proud of the story that I’ve created.

The reviews for Ascension so far have been so amazingly positive and it makes me very emosh to see all the people who have enjoyed my book so far. It’s been an absolute whirlwind and I’ve loved every second. If you happen to pick up my book, I’d really appreciate it if you left me a review and tag me on social media! 

I also need to mention that due to an error of mine (whoops), the book is going to differ slightly in size so it’s able to be distributed beyond Lulu (who have helped me make my book!). And due to circumstances that are unfortunately beyond my control my book in paperback and ebook form won’t be available beyond Lulu distribution for a couple of weeks; the process is taking a lot longer than anticipated. So for now, the paperback and ebook versions will only be on Lulu until the book is able to go beyond to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Anyway enough babbling…if you want to purchase my book, check out the links below!!! 



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