"Stockport excellently put together a sequence of events to first grab the reader’s attention..."

I’ve got another review of my book to share with you all from the wonderful Ashley over at The Book Fairies! If you’re not already aware of The Book Fairies, then you definitely should be; they’re a worldwide group created by book lovers who leave the gift of a good book hidden in plain sight all over the world for people to discover. They’ve been active for over a year and have been over 9,000 people hiding books in over 100 countries!

My novel has been flown across the pond over to beautiful Montana in the USA where Ashley has given me one of the most in-depth reviews of my book I’ve gotten so far. He hit on a lot of points about my writing that are incredibly useful to me and will be things I take on board for my future work. It’s a brilliant review and if you’re looking for a review of my book that perfectly strips everything down, you definitely need to read this.

“I loved reading this book and would recommend it to others as a great story and quick read. Stockport excellently put together a sequence of events to first grab the reader’s attention, pull them along on this rollercoaster ride of events as things seem to calm down only to get spun around again, and ending with an amazing cliff-hanger leaving the readers wanting more. Questions rise and questions are answered, leaving just the right amount and the right questions hanging over the reader’s head to anticipate more and eagerly await more books to come.” – A quote from Ashley’s review

To read the review in full, click here!

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