Ascension on Amazon | An Update

Since I announced that I was self-publishing my first book, everybody has been asking me when it will be available on Amazon. It’s been over three months now since my book got released and it’s been an absolute nightmare getting distribution beyond Well today, I’m here with a small update regarding the situation about the paperback version of my book being on Amazon.

In order for you guys to understand the really long wait, I need to explain how the distribution process works. So, my book is originally hosted and created with the wonderful team at Lulu, who then offer a service that can allow my book to be listed with other retailers including Amazon. When I finished my book, I had to get a print copy to approve of before I could submit it through the distribution process, which I did a few days before my book went live. Lulu then sent copies of my book to all of the distributors and they had to approve the book against their standards which took about four to six weeks. Unfortunately, my book got rejected the first time as I had too many blank pages which meant that I had to go through the whole process again and wait another four to six weeks.

Now the reason for the longer delay isn’t actually my fault this time – I’m happy to say! I got in touch with Lulu to find out when my book would be live and they got in touch with Amazon on my behalf and found that there was a problem with the ingestion process (the part where they take all the book’s information and populate it for a listing). My book has been resubmitted and I will be checking it every couple of days to see the progress.

I know that there are lots of you who have been waiting for the paperback version of my book to appear on Amazon and I am so so sorry that you’ve had to wait so long. It’s been an incredibly frustrating couple of weeks but I’m hopeful now that we’ve got through the majority of the problems, the wait won’t be too much longer. If you can’t wait, you can purchase the eBook on Amazon which you can find the links for on my Books page.

Of course as soon as I know that it’s live on Amazon, I will let you guys know. If you want to know the news before I tell the public, you can become a Patreon of mine for as little as $1 a month. You’ll be directly helping me fund my self-publishing career and get some awesome rewards in return.

Fingers crossed that the next time I get in touch with you all, it will be with the news that Ascension ‘s paperback is on Amazon!

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