The Website Makeover!

So, my website’s looking a bit different isn’t it!

Up until now, my website looked as it did above. And for the past week, I’ve been working on my website having a new makeover due to switching hosting providers. So today I’m happy to say that thw switch is complete!

Holly Stockport Version 1 was hosted on Wix which I loved. I was so so happy with my website’s layout but I found that I didn’t have as many customisation options as I would have liked. So I decided to go back to an old familiar platform in the shape of WordPress. It’s very easy to see why WordPress takes up a huge chunk of websites online; it’s so easy to setup and you can create something amazing out of it. Having had previous experience with WordPress I knew they could offer me things that Wix couldn’t and although I will miss the old layout and ease of use of Wix, I know that my website will go from strength to strength on this new platform.

And now we have Holly Stockport Version 2; the one you’re currently browsing today. Let me know what you think of my website’s new look in the comments below!

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