NaNo Natters #1 | Setting A Challenge

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching us and I am nowhere near ready to dive right in. To document my progress during the crucial month, I’m going to be releasing weekly updates here on the blog which I’ve called NaNo Natters! In these update I’ll be discussing my progress in the novel that I’m going to be writing and my (hopefully) progression into a 50,000 word novel that you’ll all be able to read in a couple of years!

So let’s get talking…

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The prospect of getting back into NaNo again has been equal parts exciting and holy shit terrifying. Writing 50,000 words in just 30 days is a task that is not for the faint hearted and my first initial attempt at it didn’t go to plan. But with the right ideas, the right planning, I was able to conquer it twice. And this year I’ll be aiming for a third time!

One of my biggest worries for NaNo was that I didn’t quite know what I wanted to write. Originally it was going to be Ascension‘s sequel but after spending a significant amount of time working on the first book, I found myself a bit burnt out with getting back into that world straight away. So I figured it would do me and my imagination some good to get out of that world for a little while and into some territory that I’ve never ventured in before…


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I have never written a horror book before. It’s a genre I’ve not really gone towards until recently. Certain horror films and books over the years have peaked my interest in the idea of it and for NaNo this year I really wanted to challenge myself and my writing ability. Which is why the novel that I’ll be writing this year is going to be full blown horror. 

For this horror idea of mine, I’m playing with a previous story idea and intertwining horror elements into it which I’m hoping will make for a captivating and terrifying read. But then it could also go the other way and be the laughable type of horror. Either way, I haven’t got the story completely mapped out yet but I’m hoping to get that ready before next week.

I only have until next Thursday to get everything ready so here’s hoping I get a move on!

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