NaNo Natters #2 | NaNo Has Begun!

We’re now three days in to NaNoWriMo and I am already absolutely terrified. So let’s share how I’ve been doing so far!

NaNoWriMo Progress Week One

Days 1 to 4 Progress

I can’t possibly tell you how refreshing and amazing it is to work on this horror story. Although I wasn’t initially making par on the first two days, I managed to catch up over the weekend and I hope to continue this for the next week. As I’ve got a trip up to York this month, I’ll be taking some time off work which will mean that I can hopefully double up my word count on those days.

My Plot…

Another thing I’m doing which is quite risky is writing this story without finishing my plot. For NaNo, I like to have my entire plot planned so I don’t have any slip ups and I can actually look forward to finishing something. However (and this is something I did when I last took part in 2016) I don’t have the complete story planned yet which is rather worrying; I could get two thirds of the way through and not be able to complete it! But I’m hoping that as I work on the story I can see exactly where it’s headed and be able to come to a horryfing conclusion. It worked in 2016…surely it can work now!

The Week Ahead…

For the next week, I’m going to make sure I hit my par count every single night (which is easily doable since it’s only¬†1,666 words to write a day!) but then next weekend I’m aiming to double it so when I’m away in York, I can take a bit of time off it without taking too much of a hit. But as always, we shall see!

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