My Inspirations For Ascension

Something I get asked a lot (like all the time), is the following question…

What inspired you to write your book?

And today, have the answer for you in video form! I’ve just uploaded a brand new video to my YouTube channel explaining the main inspirations behind my debut novel, which you can watch below.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND…I do talk about spoilers for the book in the video however I don’t want to tell people not to watch it if they haven’t read the book as it’s not really fair on everyone. So, I have included time codes in the description of the video of plot points that I divulge into and spoil, so if you haven’t read my book and want to watch the video you can skip the spoilers!

That being said, I hope you enjoy me talk about my inspirations (take a WILD guess which film is the main one).

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