Review My Books

Review My Books


As a self-published author, getting feedback on my work is incredibly important to me, which is why I'm offering you a chance to review my books if you're a book blogger / professional reviewer. In exchange for a review on your website and on Amazon / Goodreads (this will be specified when in contact), you will get a free copy of my book to read and keep. Through this, I hope to spread the word about my book and to help me improve on my work.

If you are interested, please get in touch with me with the following information:

  • Your Blog/Website Name & Link

  • Your Social Media Handles

  • Your Current Analytics

  • Your Media Kit / Fees* (If Applicable)

This offer will always be open for all of my work so feel free to get in touch with me anytime. If you know of someone who may benefit from this offer, please feel free to pass on my website!


DISCLAIMER: Your review/s of my book do not have to be 100% positive. Realistically I know that there will be people out there who do not like my book and / or have some critiques to give out. Infact, I absolutely encourage any critiques you may have about my writing; these will help me to grow and move forward as an author and would be invaluable information for me.

* I wholeheartedly believe that full time bloggers / book reviewers deserve to get paid for what they do, however please keep in mind that I will only be able to pay for about 2-4 reviews right now depending on rates. If my circumstances change and I'm able to afford more reviews, I will of course update accordingly, but the option to review my work for free will always be open no matter what.